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  1. We are almost at capacity I'm thinking it's time to bring a crown limit back to LO2 so we can start gaining crowns and sending members back
  2. Thanks BBQ it wouldn't of happened as quickly without the help of LO3
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. me and zuccubus kept joining them to recruit members so they made it request to join after they lost 3 people and we stole 1 but the one we took still has an alt account in there
  6. so this is the official statement from phasma "Thanks for your feedback. There are many alliances with the same name "India, Sri Lanka " etc as there has never been limitations on alliance names. I always include the name of the emperor so people know which alliance is legitimate and which alliance to look for." So in other words we can go outside find a nice little spot and go screw ourselves
  7. thanks for the heads up bailey I think I'm gonna go do that
  8. I jumped over there and showed them a little kk love. I told them to change their name and stop stealing our publicity and recruits anyone that wants to join the leftovers 2 can follow me one person joined
  9. I'm pissed I cant even post or message on AOE thank you mike for taking care of this
  10. lmao shacronire applied for us unfortunately he decided to leave us today but this was one hell of a going away gift
  11. patch 1.8 is a joke they shouldn't even bother
  12. this is getting crazy I can see you're online say something

    1. BragOrange


      Sorry, I left the web page up. I took my wife and daughter out for dinner.  It was my wife's birthday.

    2. kaptainkronic93
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