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  1. Good stuff man... CONGRATS :!: Great giveaway guys.
  2. Ah yes, that would be quite handy. I am also using subBlack3DBlue, look forward to having this feature when the new version comes out. Or anytime sooner than that. :wink:
  3. I see, It seems as if it is a realm that nobody has wanted to venture into yet. I wonder if and when it is included in games how far people will take it and how much of the games will involve it.
  4. Ya me too.. The ideas that you JSgolfman is speaking about are purely in the RPG world? or is he compairing our human characteristics to the games? Either way Im lost along with PC.
  5. What is "Quick Reply"? Is it like an answer topic? or is it something different?
  6. Okay really, with a new graphics card and some more space in the hard drive department. It will be one sweet computer to do some oc'ing on. *drooling* Ok I gotta stop thinking about it
  7. Major cool points to COD on this giveaway, the computer looks awesome. Good luck to all of you.. May the luckiest person win :wink:
  8. Nice little list there... It does seem like it would take quite a bit of time to get through it but it looked well worth it. Gonna have to run through it myself when i get a chance.
  9. Woah not to mention intruding... Would feel a bit violated after that if ya ask me.. Another thing that people do is that oxygen bar garbage... What a waste of o2, who needs to sit at a bar and breathe pure oxygen, and pay for it not to mention. Some of the things that people do are just insane.
  10. mAnChO

    hi wassup?

    Hello to all new members.. glad to have ya, hope you enjoy the forum as much as all of have
  11. Very Nice theory.. maybe thats just the way that itll always be.. I'm glad weve got our computers to keep us busy.
  12. LOL... even better defines the oppposite sex.
  13. I usually try to stay away from pop, but that would be a definate boost in the morning after those long hard nights.. Seems like it would be a good idea.. But can the skin really absorb that much caffine through the skin?
  14. Nice pics Jimbowy.. It was a close desicision between 3 and 4 but the results to seem its a landslide for the mans controller. :!:
  15. mAnChO


    A blue bugger eh? Thats a new one to me.. but I know what you mean abotu finding wierd stuff on your computer.. Theres these black like scuff marks on my monitor and i have nooooo idea how they got there.. almost want to set a camera and see what go's on.
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