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  1. Hey all. I haven't been on much for the last week, as work has been pretty busy. I'm also taking off tomorrow to spend a week or so backpacking in the Cascades, so probably won't be doing much attacking then, either. If you want me to step out or move to one of the other branches while inactive, that's not a problem, just let me know.
  2. Hey M4d, did you notice that you are an "enhanced member"? I only just now noticed!

  3. Ah, forgot you were age 9 now. Still, 110 Nexts is a lot of clicking. Wonder how many repeats you get in that many tries.
  4. 100K food at 600 per try? 167 times pressing Next!? I'm picky, but it's rare for me to search more than a couple dozen times. Of course, I'm generally searching for stone/wood, not crowns.
  5. I want to like him, but he's still pretty fragile. I rarely get all of his shots off before he's sniped. Dunno, I'll keep trying him with different heroes - might be a synergy I haven't found yet.
  6. Heavy lifting for the video recording is mostly handled by the GPU. Other graphics cards can't be supported unless the card manufacturers add the capability and interface to their drivers.
  7. The last attack in that chain was with Hermann & Rurik. Very dodgy, lost badly. But I got the last materials I needed for both crossbow tower and university upgrade, so was able to sign off without leaving heaps of stone and wood for the jackals. Oh, PaladinTech - don't be fooled by the max level on Rurik and Sviatoslov. They're not worth it - only have the levels because I was playing Kievan Rus for so long before I changed civs and had nowhere else to spend the pennants.
  8. Choices, choices, all of them less than inspiring...
  9. Tried a couple of times to register - either got errors in the registration dialog, or continually bumped to the site registration page.
  10. I'm thinking I'll use that combo more frequently once Winrich is lvl 2, but as a one-shot wonder, he just doesn't justify using Martel for me.
  11. I need to get more comfortable taking non-siege heroes. Or to be more accurate, I need to get better at covering my trebs so I don't need that extra siege engine to save my butt. Right now my usual sequence is: Conrad + Nevsky - comfortable win Martel + Saladin - I like this combo, since Saladin can pick a treb or tower that is out of Martel's range Conrad + Nikephoros - I still have Conrad at lvl 2, but will hopefully update before long, so this will have to change Winrich + Joan - needs to be an easy keep. Winrich at lvl 1 doesn't tear enough down for a guarantee. Richard + Edward - ok if I remember to open a wide enough path. Not always the case. I suspect this combo will go away in the upcoming rebalance.
  12. Martel + Nevesky is ungodly, but it does take out two of your most powerful heroes at once, so I find I rarely use it unless it's my last attack of the night or something. Let's try a variation on this discussion. Assume you're starting with all heroes unused, and that you'll be able to attack every hour or so as troops are ready for the next several hours. What are your combinations and in which order to make sure you have something strong to use every time? How long can you keep the chain going before you're left with questionable combos and have to go chumming, as Bruceleeon puts it?
  13. Here's what I have for an inital Age 8 setup. I'm not crazy about it, but I haven't found a layout in the top players that I'm really happy with either. Feel free to toss out suggestions, cash, etc.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. I went the other direction and stayed in Age 7 until everything was upgraded. I'm 3 days out from Age 8 now, and I haven't regretted it until maybe the last week or so, as I finally pushed the power rating high enough that I can rarely find Age 7 keeps to attack any more. Before that, it seemed just fine - I was always able to find rich targets, and enough other Age 7 attackers wiped out on my upgraded defenses that I spent a good amount of time in short peace treaties. No upgrade was particularly henious to save up for, including cannon towers and Age 8 keep. Now that I'm mostly being attacked by Age 8/9, though, I'm eager to get that new treb and ballista set up.
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