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  1. Sleezly

    There's a traitor in the camp...

    I gave Mobius a heads-up with regards to your "botched" attach there BBQ Kid!
  2. Sleezly


    Cherios are the single best unit to take down the keep (per dev forums). I always try to have one unit in reserve in case my trebs go down early. With proper meat-shield protection, one cherio unit can turn a botched attack in to a victory.
  3. Sleezly

    There's a traitor in the camp...

    LOL .. love this thread. Yes, the attack was a complete oversight on my part, but the crowns sure were tasty... not until the end of the original attack did I see the LO in the corner so I was definitely happy to see the revenge attack when it did happen. It's too bad we can save replays for later to avoid an age-off sort of thing.
  4. Sleezly

    Notes for Leadership Team Meeting 6/1/2015

    Thanks for keeping things running, KJB (and others)!
  5. Sleezly

    Donations - IMPORTANT

    Some top alliances say RoM donations only. So, there would certainly appear to be some value in RoM as donations and on defense in general.
  6. Sleezly

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege Patch 1.7 Notes

    Thanks for posting the patch notes, very helpful!
  7. Sleezly

    Leftovers 3 player wants revenge

    Very nice attack, Lord!
  8. Sleezly

    How to attack Frost layouts

    Good tips, thanks for sharing. I usually hit Next on Frost layouts given they're just annoying to attack but I may try this with the biggest change to my current strategy being an increase in TK's and a ram to draw out the ET's.
  9. Sleezly

    Sleezly's Castle Design

    Hellboy, no, I haven't had a 100% defeat in months and my design has changed many times since then. It's very hard to get a 100% victory against anyone with a decent Age 8 design.
  10. Sleezly


    It'll be great to have you aboard, Vaynag! I'm not sure how it's possible to only have had three attacks *and* be at Age 7, but that'll surely change soon enough...
  11. Sleezly

    All Pennant Types are Taken when Attacked

    Indeed, definately good to max your own pennants out if for no other reason than to prevent drain of other pennant types.
  12. There has been some confusion about this so posting a new topic .. When you are attacked, pennants of *all* types, not just your civ, are subject to be taken. The pennants are then converted to your civ type and then given to the attacker. It seems the formula to break down how much of a specific type is based on overall percentage of your total, so if you have 5000 Briton pennants and 50 frank pennants, you will lose some but not many frank pennants. Check this out for yourself. Total up your pennants, wait for an attack and then confirm pennants of all types were drained. This is why it can be so hard to build up pennants from other civs; you need to keep attacking all civ types just to maintain high pennant counts! Hopefully this info helps.
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  14. Sleezly

    Clash of Clans

    I tried to download that game once but alas, it's not available on Windows Phone . . .
  15. Sleezly

    Leftovers 3

    Awesome, it's great to see our newly elected emperor getting the word out! Maybe it's time for me to create an ageofempires account so that I can respond to your post...