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  1. A new App called Yo overshadowed the launch of Facebook's version of Snapchat this summer. Yo is an app that simply allows you to send the word Yo to your contacts. Ridiculously dumb, I know but someone is now rich! They got 1 million dollars in funding and has gained more popularity after a site noted the huge Angel investment.
  2. How do you get app ideas created without money? I would even consider selling the idea to someone that has the capability of creating it. There are sites were people can vote to create your app but that's a waste of time.
  3. Does anyone use Google Rewards? I love it. I earn Google Play money to answer short surveys. I don't get them often, maybe one or two per week. When I first signed up, I got one everyday. The best part is, I can use the money on Apps or anything that you can use your Google Wallet on. my account is up to about $20 now.
  4. GE is working on a new microwave that may be able to tell you the precise calorie count of food that you cook. GE's team, in collaboration with Baylor University's Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, has combined devices that use advanced sensor technology to estimate the fat content, water content and weight of the food in question in order to automatically calculate dietary calories.
  5. An Indian company called Lechal has created sneakers and insoles that pair with an app and Google Maps to help you get from place to place. The shoe and insole are both connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You input a destination on the app and then as you walk around, your left or right shoe vibrates to show you which way to turn. They also serve as a pedometer and a calorie tracker. The shoes and insoles will be available in September for around $100. They're compatible with iPhones, Android and Windows phones.
  6. Here's a guide to clean up your page in 7 days and enhance your profile. Follow 250 people per day for the next seven days, which will bring you to the limit of 2,000. Only follow the who you want seen in your timeline. This will give you more room to grow faster. Unfollow anyone who is not following you back after two days. The goal is to have more followers then following. Start the process again of following 250 per day, but not the same people. If you decide to re-follow individuals you’ve followed before, this could get you suspended for aggressively following and unfollowing. Getting over the 2,000 limit usually takes about 21 days, and with great content and engagement, this usually happens sooner.
  7. Twitter filters allow users to only view replies if they are following each side of the conversation. But by starting off your reply with a period '.', the post won't start with @. It will instead be viewed as a separate tweet and will be seen by all of your followers. Example: .Thanks @computingondemand
  8. Sometimes even the people you enjoy following most on Twitter can get annoying. You don't necessarily want to unfollow the person to follow them again later on. What do you do? Mute them. Twitter added a mute button that allows you to stop someone's tweets from showing up in your timeline until you un-mute him or her. Pretty simple and convenient way to temporarily shut someone up!
  9. The refollow app is great for someone with a lot of twitter followers. This simple interface allows you to unfollow non-followers effortlessly. You can manage your twitter friends and followers in categories. It also allows you to sort list your followers by importance, relationship, and more.
  10. Do you use shopping apps? If so, which do you prefer? I use ebay, threadflip, and was using ibotta. Ibotta sends you notifications regarding rebates and pays you cash back for shopping and scanning the items. Ibotta markets itself as a money making app but it really isn't. You can play games and answer surveys to win coupons. After you've developed your savings, you shop for rebates. The rebates accumulate in your account and you can transfer the money to Paypal account. The annoying thing about ibotta is the GPS locator. When you drive past a store that they market, you get a notification telling (they call it reminding) you to stop and purchase something. That feature was a pain and it was my reason for deleting the app. If you know of any useful apps please let me know. Thanks
  11. Which is better, the Bing shopping or Google Shopping site? Type your request in either search engine and you get similar results. depending on what you're searching for, the Google results are visually more pleasing. Bing offers reward points for every search. I am sold. Once you add up your points you can redeem them for gift cards and other items.
  12. I've been using Photoshop since the 90's. I honestly feel that Photoshop is easier to use and more versatile. It's also available on both Mac and PC. Which do you prefer Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw and why?
  13. What do you think of the Adobe Cloud? You can pay a subscription and use various software without purchasing the software. The advantages are, you save space on your computer and you don't have to come up with thousands of dollars at once to buy anything. You can pay around $50 per month and use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, etc.
  14. Are you a techie with a strange unexplained rash? You may have a rash from using your iPad. The iPad tablet computer may contain nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals. Although a Nickel rash isn't life threatening, it is rather uncomfortable and usually requires treatment.
  15. I would love to dabble in computer animation in my spare time, just get a feel for it. There are websites now that allow you to create and share your designs. There's Bitstrips and Animoto. Are there any good downloadable animation softwares that are free?
  16. Is there a replacement for Quark Xpress? I've used it to design and layout newspapers for years. I thought Adobe would've taken over but I don't know. I was told that Indesign may be good but does it allow for book and multiple page layout?
  17. The Endeavor Space Shuttle took its last flight to Los Angeles, California to remain back in 2012. The shuttle landed and was slowly caravanned through the streets to its final resting place at The California Science Center. It was an amazing event! People were buzzing and local businesses were booming. Check out an article I wrote when the Endeavor first arrived in Los Angeles. There's also a video clip included of the chaotic but happy time we had.
  18. I'm looking for a writing job that's not based on traffic. Does anyone know of someone that is hiring writers. I'm looking for a real opportunity to earn at least $50 per day. It's hard to maneuver around all of the scams so I'm asking here for help. Thanks in advance.
  19. Google now offers a cost effective access to its Google Earth imagery. The new service is called Google Maps for Business and offers accurate imagery to merge with your own marketing data. The service enables businesses to purchase and use Google Earth imagery, providing access to high-resolution aerial imagery covering the continental U.S.
  20. I have found a reputable work at home company called Leapforce. I know.....rare, but from what I understand, this company is legit. There's an actual hourly salary and the work is consistent. I've read that the assignments can end in a few months though. But after being hired, rehiring is fairly easy. This company send you all needed equipment and your work and hours are monitored on their system. I have been trying to get extra work from them. Do any of you have experience or knowledge of Leapforce? How do I get past the application process? What are they looking for on your resume and cover letter? I've applied twice and still can't get in.
  21. Tweriod - analyzes your twitter account and tells you the best times to tweet. Buffer - automated sharing on multiple Social Media Networks Mightytext - send SMS from your computer Migrationwiz - brings multiple email accounts to your gmail account
  22. Scientists have found that certain biological changes in the retina and lens of the eye, and in the sense of smell, may help predict whether people with memory issues may eventually develop Alzheimer's Disease. Smell is another area of interest because the odor portion of the brain is vulnerable to Alzheimer's pathology and the ability to identify different smells becomes impaired early on in the disease.
  23. In January, driverless cars will be tested along public roads across the United Kingdom. It was announced that three cities will compete to host trials of self-driving cars. The initiative puts the U.K. “at the forefront of this technology. The U.K. is not the first country to allow driverless cars on public roads. Japan, Sweden and the United States have all approved similar tests. The technology took another giant leap towards actualization when Google, after three years in the making, unveiled its prototype in May, boasting no steering wheel and a panic button.
  24. A shadowy figure was spotted on the moon's surface last month, and since then it has grabbed the attention -- and the extremely wild imagination -- of the Internet. Did NASA really photograph an alien and its shadow on the moon? I have a better question. Why are all alleged alien photos blurry?
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