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  1. Viper4559

    Bruceleeon it's me buddy!

    IT WAS FOR BRUCE YOU IDIOT NOT YOU :sign-stupid :bash
  2. Viper4559

    It is a boy

    Congradulations man on mini balls. Viper
  3. Viper4559

    some funny military stuff

    Hey, I love baseball
  4. Viper4559

    Bruceleeon it's me buddy!

    lol, thanks, its not a game, its a little movie. And you saw it already. Viper
  5. Viper4559

    Bruceleeon it's me buddy!

    Did no one think that was funny!?!?!?!??! Viper
  6. Viper4559

    Bruceleeon it's me buddy!

    Hey bruce, Got something for you Click Me! Viper
  7. Viper4559

    Happy Birthday, Superfly!

    Happy, B-day supafly
  8. Viper4559

    Bruceleeon it's me buddy!

    nice sig UVA Viper
  9. Viper4559

    Add your picture

    I have mine uploaded, I will try to find a better one later............................. Viper
  10. Viper4559

    help me out! :D

    I like the game. UVA do you play it? What about you ballsdeep? Viper
  11. Viper4559

    help me out! :D

    Yeah, Also if you click on my forums link above and register yourself. It has special info on Age3 and everything else Viper
  12. Viper4559

    help me out! :D

    LOL. Your a little late. This age is about to end and age 3 is soon to begin. BTW: check us out I play as [TMX]viper4559 Big_Ram plays as Big_Ram Rd plays as [TMX]RdHavoc Pegesus plays as Peg^^axx I also have a forums set up for this. Please feel free to register yourself. And come age 3 I will help you guys who sign up under me get alot more guys. Forums Currently I have a little over 700 trained and almost 400 spies. Viper
  13. Viper4559

    Happy Thanksgiving

    LoL nice pic Rbreb. Happy Thanksgiving to you All!!! Viper
  14. Viper4559

    wanted to say happy B-day

    My bad lol
  15. Viper4559

    wanted to say happy B-day

    Yeah Bruce go to ACP. And then go down to Manage Word Filter. That is where you put in the words to be censored Viper