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  1. Hey, long time no see!!! count me in!
  2. Got the package yesterday! Thanks Bruce! Can't wait to try it out.
  3. Old_Man

    Home Alone

    See that's what's nice about my job... I get to travel - usually by myself. So I get to go to some nice places and "chill" out for a while. I'm currently in Hampton VA. It's pretty quiet, no chores, no kids, nice. Course a couple of weeks ago I was in Germany. Spent 2 weeks there. The family did come out for 10 days of that one. What a cool trip though! It is nice to "get away", if it's them gone or whatever it gives us a chance to recharge!
  4. Old_Man


    wasn't hard, just had to know how to spell Bruceleeon!!! Good to see ya around!
  5. Ok, a little late, but congrats balls. Nice pics!
  6. Old_Man


    Sorry to hear about this. Your family will be in my prayers.
  7. Pretty cool. Anyone found a good place to purchase one?
  8. Well I have put a disk together. I'll let you know... if I remember... when I use it. You know how it goes when you get old - I may even forget I have the disk!
  9. Cool, thanks. I missed that... wasn't real clear to me until you spelled it out!!
  10. Hey Bruce. wish I would have read this before I just loaded windows on another computer. I have a question though, you talk about the "bootable CD" part of the XP disk and state "Save it when it asks you to do so, just make sure you know where you are saving it to because you will need it for the next step, burning your Slipstreamed XP SP2 installation CD." but you never bring it up again. Are you supposed to burn that file to the disk too???
  11. didn't know there were that many options of the software out there. I have the Standard Edition software, it works well.
  12. I don't know if they do free trial or not. I got mine from surpluscomputers.net that's the best I can tell you.
  13. I didn't like DVDXCopy... sometimes it didn't work well. I have shrink as well, but it always gave me trouble too. Maybe I don't know how to use it, but I like one step stuff... Mine asks, "do you want to copy DVD in "F" drive" and I say "OK" and poof, it does it's stuff! Free is good, $15 for simplicity for my old brain is better!!!!
  14. I've got a program called "I copy DVDs 2" and it works great. Very simple to use, basically one step. I got it on surpluscomputers.net for about $15.
  15. Thanks all, had a great bday!
  16. Old_Man

    Any Clue?

    I tried the clean install. did the drivers without the catalyist. First map... locked up. So, that didn't do it. I have ordered a GeForce 5700 Ultra to try. We'll see if that takes care of the problem. Strange.....
  17. Old_Man

    Any Clue?

    I don't get any kind of sound. I am using the on-board audio.
  18. Old_Man

    Any Clue?

    Ok, here is the issue. I'm playing Tac Ops and my computer locks up. It's random, time in game, map, etc don't seem to matter. The problem started when I switched to OpenGL instead of Software Rendering. I am now running Direct 3D and have not had the issue there either. I'm running an ATI 9600 Pro video card, AMD XP 2600 processor, Giga-byte 7VT600-L mobo, 1gb memory, running WindowsXP I had the most current ATI drivers, removed them and went back to my old ATI drivers which seemed to help but did not get rid of the problem. I contacted giga-byte and ATI and had no real luck there. Any ideas??? p.s. no it doesn't lock up in any other programs or games...
  19. Yep, that's them Bruce!!! thanks for posting it. For those that don't know... the AF symbol is the one on the right...
  20. no, didn't take any pics. i can though, once i get back home.
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