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  1. wow you r psycic can I have the lotto #'s now
  2. one thing I'm looking to win is a PSU so maybe one of those
  3. Hey Joe I saw you got Ancient Aliens Season 2 and thought you might enjoy hearing Giorgio Tsoukalos talking more in depth on a podcast so here ya go: http://blog.joerogan.net/archives/3357
  4. and that's why I enter so many contests so I can feed my PC upgrade needs for free
  5. I saw you playin Skyrim on steam JT
  6. I got some socks, a Steelseries Siberia v2 that I won in a christmas competition, a InWin 2.5 in HDD adapter, a minecraft hoodie also won and whatever Joe is sending me in the mail oops I forgot the Xigmatek case I won at HTL and some fast food gift cards from my sister
  7. nope only the PC for me
  8. Looks like your the winner JT congrats man hope you put it to good use
  9. That would be awesome Jdifiglia and what time zone?
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