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  1. I hate when i have to come office on winter strom.. Had 12" snows and had to come to office.
  2. Then i guess by Xmas or NewYear we should have the winner..
  3. Nice setup @jtheater. It looks like home office setup. With such a beautiful setup, i wonder why are you participating in this contest . Let James win this. Just kidding.. I liked it.. & Good Luck.
  4. I think you can enter.. Good Luck.. Competition is good
  5. Actually my main OS is windows 7 ultimate. But I have played a lot with Fedora, ubuntu in past. Apart from that I work on Unix environment so i know lit bit about Unix. Currently i have ubuntu 10.10 installed on my virtual machine and time to time i play with that (to screw up my pc). Actually i was also thinking to install windows 8 beta on my laptop. If i does and get time then i will share my experience here.
  6. Actually i already told to my some of colleagues and i assume they are already registered. But i guess they are not very regular .
  7. will be waiting for article.
  8. My contribution to vi editior: vi filename --> edit the filename fle vi +/str filename --> edit filename file at first occurence of str vi + filename - edit filename at end of file. vi +n edit filename file at line n
  9. Joe, I didn't know that you are expert in Unix too .
  10. ops forgot to tell , in Metro Denver
  11. We saw 3-4 times in month of Oct.
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