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  1. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    COD - Site news August 20 2006

    I am a peeon woot
  2. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    I'm BACK

    I like hunting also
  3. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    VSK gaming servers

    Just thought I would share this with you guys. I knew better in the first place but one of the SeD members rented a server from VSK. Yes the price was cheap but the service is terrible. First of all they wouldn't even install the retail mappacks or TOST or Xprotect. After 3 days of trying to get the server running we were able to finally play. Well every hour or so everyone's ping jumps over 1,000 for like 5 minutes. Called the company and they say it is because we have enemies and they are trying to hack us. LMAO no it is because they run a $hitty network that is constantly bottlenecking. So we post in the forums about the problems we have and they immediatly delete the posts and ban us from the forums so they don't look bad. Read their so called RULES
  4. [COD]1HellUVAShot


  5. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    Altec Lansing 251 5.1 Speaker System

    (the D-word) Ram you got a heck of a deal.
  6. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    Happy Birthday, Shizzle

    HAHA you are theOriginal Homo Bruce.
  7. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    Happy Birthday, Shizzle

    So you are saying that they really are small and you're just gonna tell everyone that you have a teenie weenie. LMAO
  8. [COD]1HellUVAShot


    Next year my steelers are going all the way, but I got my money on the colts this year. I think it is about time they beat the patriots.
  9. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    Happy Birthday Ballsdeep

    Happy B-Day man, hope it ain't too late. I got you a present but I can't say what it is.
  10. [COD]1HellUVAShot

    Congrats to ballsdeep

    Good job deep, you know I'm proud of you my son!
  11. [COD]1HellUVAShot


    error 6527 Sig test has failed. HAHA!
  12. [COD]1HellUVAShot


    I don't see any either.
  13. [COD]1HellUVAShot


    I took mine down, but didn't notice any of the others.
  14. [COD]1HellUVAShot


    Yeah I have nevr heard of parents making you pay half, however I have pitched in on some expensive gifts for me.
  15. [COD]1HellUVAShot


    I got a controller so I can finally beat Bruce in NFS.