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  1. I'm not sure how I missed part 3 . . . the other 2 parts were very informative. Nice work!! I'm ready for part 4 whenever it gets published.
  2. Thanks for the giveaway!!! I have five (maybe 6?) external USB hard drives that I use for various purposes. Some are fairly small at 80gb, while the largest is 500gb, in the middle I have one or two 250gb and a 320gb (I think - I can't seem to find 'em all at this particular moment). Anyway - this is why I NEED something like this!!! Having all these puny external drives all over the house is lame. I could really REALLY use a storage unit like this! So, thanks again for the giveaway, and good luck to all! (@ james86 - I agree 100% - networking would make this unit even better, but even as it stands, it rocks! You can always hook it up to a PC in a different part of the house and set up a shared/networked drive (or driveS) if needed)
  3. Yeah - congrats to JAMES86!!! To be honest, I probably would have asked for a "re-draw" for a different winner if I had won the cooler since I really couldn't make use of this prize myself. I have a Spire Thermax II Eclipse on my CPU now, and I have a CoolerMaster Hyper212+ in my "parts closet" as a back-up, so I really have no need for a 3rd high-end CPU cooler! LOL I'm glad it went to a good home where it will get some good use!
  4. Yeah! Consider this my "official post of intent". I want in on this contest!! ... and congrats to Neoraptor for winning the SATA storage box! (I'm already a fan at Facebook - my name at FB is "removed for privacy - next time, pm it to me.")
  5. This is the kind of article that brought me to COD!!! Nice work! I really like the COD guides overall - I always learn something new! Keep up the great work! I'm not a Linux user... my limited use of Linux has been using a Knoppix live CD to recover data from a crashed Windows system... I used Knoppix once to recover a bunch of files from an old-school DVR that died, I removed the hard drive, hooked it up to PC as a secondary drive, and discovered that the DVR had saved the videos using a file system that Windows could not recognize. I figured "why not try Linux?" and booted up Knoppix, and BAM! I was able to copy the files to an NTFS drive so that I could then manipulate 'em in Windows and convert 'em to Xvid AVI files.... (yeah - I know - totally off topic, but I've had a beer or five and I'm rambling LOL)
  6. Hibernation does indeed use up drive space, and I've been anti-hibernate since I first starting using PCs. I see no positives to using the hibernate mode; if you're not going to be using the PC for 90min or more, just turn it off! I have seen PCs get "stuck" in hiberation, I have seen Windows crash irreparably coming out of hibernation, etc, etc et al. Check out this easy "how-to" for disabling hibernation in Win7 using a few different methods, including disabling via a command prompt (which is actually the quickest and easiest -IMO- way to do it ) http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/819-hibernate-enable-disable.html Scroll down a bit until you see OPTION ONE..... I agree with keeping System Restore active; I have NEVER needed it on my personal PC here at home, but >you never know< and it could be a life saver - leave it enabled; if you're conscious of your drive space usage, then System Restore should not be a problem with eating up space; as long as drive C; has at least 30% free at all times, then System Restore should make no difference at all to HD space usage; if you're getting down below 15%-20% free space, then it's time to buy a larger HD, or start deleting that crap you haven't looked at in 2 years! LOL check out the following link to limit how much space is devoted to System Restore http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/How-much-disk-space-does-System-Restore-require
  7. @ Ben: I did some research, and it does not look like the device is able to be networked directly. It has an eSATA port and you could connect it to a PC, then set it up in the network from there as a shared drive (or drives). I also found the following statement online, and it seems to contradict the description provided above: I also found it odd that every link to the manufacturer's product page pops up a "404 - NOT FOUND" error. Here's that link (I copied it from Newegg, Directron, and Amazon - they all had this same link): http://www.istarusa.com/storage/mini_trayless/v7age420es.aspx If anyone can find a real tech sheet on this device, I'd be interested in knowing if it truly has built-in RAID functionality as suggested in the product name "iStarUSA 4-Bay Trayless eSATA RAID Box", or if the quote I found and posted above is accurate or not..... it still would be a great win!!! I have such an accumulation of videos and music, that I've already filled up most of a 320gb and 250gb drive, plus 3 external drives of 80gb, 120gb, and 300gb!!! I'd fill this baby up with four 750gb (a friend has a dozen of these drives and will sell me them for $30 each!) and free up some space.
  8. Like Part1, I was familiar with most of these except for the Search Indexing feature. I always wondered why a hard drive would sometimes be spinning like mad for no apparent reason.... now I know!
  9. I've always enjoyed "tweaks-n-tips" type of articles... I was already familiar with most of these in part 1 except for the Remote Access or Remote Desktop configuration... it's always nice to learn something new!
  10. Thanks for the article! I've known Backup & Restore was a feature, but I never messed with it, and knew nothing about it... very informative, good stuff!
  11. I may be a bit lame, but I didn't see when the contest ends, or when a winner will be selected... when???
  12. Consider this my official entry - and I've liked on Facebook too!!! Good luck everyone! And thanks to COD!
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