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Found 3 results

  1. Blazetamer's Repo

    Version 1.0.0


    "Cliq" Includes iLive Streams, Movies, Tv Shows, Cartoons and Sports from several source websites. Content is updated daily. Download Movies and Shows to your library with a Queue!! Has add-on Wide Favorites! If you want it all Just Cliq
  2. PS3BluMote

    Version 2.03


    Allows you to use the official Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Bluetooth remote (and other compatible PS3 remotes) within Windows by emulating a keyboard.
  3. XBMCLauncher

    Version 4.1


    What XBMCLauncher can do? Start XBMC automatically when Windows starts.Or set XBMC to boot directly without loading the Windows explorer and desktop by changing the shell.iMONonXBMC users should not change the shell as explorer is needed for iMONonXBMC to work correctly.Keep XBMC on focus so that no other application can steal the focus of your remote control presses.Creates a System Tray icon for XBMCLauncher from which you can configure its functions.Set the time for focus check.Temporarily disable the focus by using Win+F9 shortcut.Change the Shutdown menu of XBMC to set Shutdown, Sleep or Hibernate the system.When resumed from Sleep and Hibernation, XBMC is started again.Start Windows desktop when you press Exit button of XBMC if you changed the shell to xbmc.Handle MCE Remote control Green Start Button to start XBMCStart XBMConIMON and IMON manager automatically for those with IMON products.Option to manually specify the path of XBMC, XBMConIMON and IMON managerPaths are automatically selected without any user interaction.Customized installation. Select only the components you need.All replaced files are backed up so that your system is returned to the previous state when you uninstall the XBMC Launcher.