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Found 2 results

  1. Future strategy of RiskPremium

    Maybe some of you shims have seen that I put my castle outside so attackers cannot steal so much ressource because I ALWAYS get a peace treaty This is a very chilled way to play AOE but you loose a lot of crowns. As i have read in the forums we need more crowns so i may change my strategy but I led the LOs decide what i should do. My lvl 8 castle is for the offense nearly maxed out, for defense in the middle... i am thinking about the jump to lvl9. What should be my strategy?
  2. A bold Prediction!

    Hi Folks, I tracked the change in crowns for the top 200 cutoff and L.O. 3 for the last 5 days. Crowns in the LO 3 is increasing at almost four times the rate of the top 200! At least, for the last week! We (LO3) are consistently gaining a little under 200 crowns per *day* on average. while the cut-off for the top 200 is only at average ~50 crowns per day. Which leads to my bold prediciton! I, MiddleAged Guy declare: "On August 4th, LO 3 will reach the top 200 by exceeding 28500 crowns." (give or take a couple days/hundred crowns, 19 times out of 20). Here is my nerd-plot: There, I made my prediction and my prediction is mine.