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  1. linux for dummies

    i've just made the switch on a pair of my old boxes to linux ubuntu (latest) but i have one little problem i know absolutly nothing about linux or using command line. is anyone willing to do a bear basics starter tutorial type thing so i can start ti learn the basics? or if anyone knows where this has been done before... (i think ninja should be on option for the optional post icon too)
  2. I find the wierdes stuff on the net

    best solo ever by the best band ever http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/150250...From-Pulse.html
  3. Where is everyone????

    i think he would be sweet to work for. it would be nice to work for someone who spends the $ to get it done right the first time rather then cut corners to save a buck i'm working on a line for a job this summer where i'll be operating big equipment (track-hoes and dozers)
  4. Black And Brimstone

    i've just started thinking up about what i would like to do with my old project car. it's been sitting without love fore 5 years now but hopfully i'll be able to find some monie to get something done, or atleast my garage finished so i have some place to store it closer to home... :S but for now i want to just compile the parts and stuff together. so consider this a very slow work log.. and feedback is always good!
  5. Black And Brimstone

    so i have a garage built now, i haven't put the siding on yet, thats going to happen this summer. only problem now is the garage have been filled with clutter from life and there is still no room to park the project in it.. humbug. I've been able to shift a fer engines that i had in storage to here so i may possible be able to find time and monies to get a low budget engine and trans running for now. hopefully once i get it into a few shows with the basics i can get a few sponsors to kick in some cash for high end stuff. at least thats the plan for now
  6. Hitachi 7K1000

    Bruce, i just notice the date on this review is wrong on the homepage (nov-2008...?) ...unless... you gots a time machine and been holding out on the rest of us?
  7. Crysis

    ya i had the demo and it was addicting! i have the full vers too but i can't install it until I'm finished with exams. even with my new rig i can only play this on high settings at 720p (as opposed to ultra high) and man is it good still
  8. Where is everyone????

    yo! man it's been a long time since I've stopped by this shanty. between school, projects, house repairs, kidlet time, and the 30 seconds or so of sleep I'm getting a day it's hard to make time for web-stuffs. I'm just about finished with finals for this round and I'm looking at a summer job which won't have me working 18hours a day (hopefully) maybe this summer I'll be able to sit round a tell a few horror stories about construction in Alberta.. drop me a line here i would like to hear how the peeps have been doin! chao
  9. COD Folding@Home

    :S ok well i'm hoping to get aQ6600, striker extreme, bfg8800gtx combo going should put up some wild stats with that
  10. COD Folding@Home

    i'm planning a new rig and will be able to fold again once a get it going! then i whoop all of ya!
  11. New HTPC

    i tried out media center XP and didn't like it that much media center for vista blows it out of the water
  12. I started the build

    i have my htpc oc'd a little and it seems to do fine. it ran at 10% oc running F@H 24/7 for almost a year and no problems. (celeron D) the case i have it in is an antec overture 2
  13. silent

    where did everyone go? seems to me that there is too little chit chat going on in this place. i'm crazy buisy with construction right now. my summer job this year is with my bud in comercial construction. were crazy buisy building a car dealership right now. work -> eat -> work -> sleep -> work.....
  14. Access your machine

    gppd stuff... i just skimmed it this morning as i'm off to work, i'll re-read it when i get home looks good so far
  15. silent

    wow... you sure your not gona be too busy there?
  16. Shopping around

    (the S-word) new stuff is expencive.... i wanted to build a new rig... had it all planed out -asus striker extreme -core 2 duo E6600 -OCZ Flex XLC PC2-6400 2GB -Silverstone Temjin TJ07-BW -BFG 8800GTX OC -seagate 750GB HDD but that comes to $3600 with SLI 8800's even without sli it's too ritc h right now we'll see what happens close to the end of the summer *hoping for price drops*
  17. silent

    i guess i'm gona have to start making some noise in here. shake it up and bring our hit count up a bit
  18. coolviva

    sorry for the delay, reveiw is finished! let me know if i should fix/change anything (i can't upload it too big, should i e-mail it to you bruce? )
  19. coolviva

    *jaw drops* TB drive!! nice
  20. coolviva

    Joe, i just forwarded an e-mail to you. cooler maser is sending me a changed product based on the suggestions i made! I'll let you know when it gets here and i'll get the review done asap
  21. coolviva

    ok i think CM is giving me the shaft, I've sent them several e-mails since they last responded and no one is saying (the S-word) to me. in my opinion cooler master crapped the bed on this one. if i can manage to find time this weekend (new job has been running my ass into the ground) I'll shrink the photos and add a section about their crap-tastic service and we can post the review Monday
  22. COD Folding@Home

    finals crunch last final on April 26 i browse through at least daily, once the finals are done and i have a summer job i'll be able to buy a gigabit switch and get the folding rig back online
  23. coolviva

    CS2 thanks for the site js
  24. coolviva

    i'm new with photoshop too... so far i've only used to to crop. i'll play around with some of the images tonight
  25. coolviva

    didya maybe think about being a little specific