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  1. We got him!

    Good job men, that's why you're the best.
  2. It is a boy

    Congratulations, Big Uns! :dokta
  3. LCD displays

    Okay, it looks like this thread has also been dead for a while, so here goes. I'm thinking of getting a 17" LCD display to replace my hefty 19" CRT monitor. Does anyone here use an LCD display to play Tactical Ops or Frag.Ops or any other FPS? If so, do you ever notice any "ghosting" or other strangeness that distracts from game play? What level of brightness, contrast, resolution, refresh rate and reaction time does your particular LCD support?
  4. Happy Birthday, Superfly!

    Now try it in your best Marilyn Manson voice. Scary, huh?
  5. signs you are getting old, by Big_Ram!

    Then I must be ancient.
  6. wanted to say happy B-day

    How old? (the D-word), I don't think I can remember back that far to when I was that young.
  7. Frag.Ops v1.26

    From the Frag.Ops web site: Crap! Just after 1.25 was released, we ran into some major problems -- some custom 1.2 maps became incompatible, people had corrupt karma files, and there was a very obscure memory leak in one of our emitters causing some nasty performance loss. There somehow even managed to be two different versions of the 1.25 zip floating around with differing system files. So instead of waiting several weeks for 1.3 to address this, we are addressing it now, hopefully before all servers have had a chance to update. The small list of changes can be viewed here, or found in the zip. Installation is the same as in v1.25, extract the zip to your UT2003\ directory, overwriting when prompted. Since this is a code patch only, this will NOT overwrite your ini files, and requires v1.25 to be installed first. So if you are starting fresh, your list of updates would be as follows: v1.2 -> v1.25 -> v1.26, in that order. Please do not use the live updater as it is currently not functioning, and we apologize for the confusion it caused with v1.25. Thanks for putting up with us, enjoy the increased stability, and we'll be seeing you in a couple weeks with our next patch. Soon also we will be announcing our overall roadmap towards the first beta version, due out in several months.. and wait till you see the new gametype (game?) we've got coming, it's like nothing you've played before .
  8. Signatures

    Hell, if he starts throwing out that kind of information freely, I'll make him a sig myself. What am I thinking, he doesn't even have his own computer, much less a credit card.
  9. Frag-Ops v1.2

    From the README-v12.txt. Pay special attention the video and audio tips at the beginning of the readme: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :: General Information :: ------ Nice performance tweak: open FragOps.ini change OverrideDesktopRefreshRate to True change DesiredRefreshRate to the highest possible refresh your monitor can handle. you should see a nice little fps boost. Can't wait till we can get settled in and write some real docs, but (the D-word) our stress level is just through the roof right now. ------ Sound fix: I've included an updated sound dll for UT2k3 v2225 released after the v2225 patch that fixes some problems with spatialization in the software driver. It can be found in UT2003\System\SoundFix and all you need to do is copy it over to UT2003\System, overwriting when prompted. Quoted from the unreal site: | Updated DefOpenAL32.dll for UT2003 version 2225 July 11, 2003 - by Daniel Vogel | An updated DefOpenAL32.dll (v0.9.9.1) fixing spatialization issues with the default | software mixer can be downloaded here. The file belongs in the UT2003/System folder. | I want to specifically thank Nick Borrelli, Christopher Linder, Daniel Peacock, Carlo | Vogelsang and Johnathan Wendel for bringing the problems to my attention and help | getting them fixed. Thanks guys! ------ Starting the game: Use the included links to start the game in windows. Linux uses can use the linux package and start the game from the included script. Or, you can now use our new launcher, which automatically checks and patches the game as required to play online. ------ Server admins: You must remove references to FragOps.FragOps_GameEngine in your FragOps.ini and FOUser.ini files for the game to work correctly in linux. Also make sure you move FragOps.u into UT2003\System or it could fail to find the file. For some reason default admin is busted in Linux (Epic, help?), so use advanced admin if you get accesscontrol errors when starting the game. :: Frag.Ops v1.2 Alpha [11/05/03] :: ChangeLog Added: - Added weapon selling - Added gravity effect to weapon pickups - Added 3rd person reload sound and animation - Added upgradeable armor levels with weight reductions for each - Added armor "repair" function - Game now announces when player joins a team - Added detail setting for bodies staying - Added 3rd person muzzle smoke - Added M4 Super90 semi-auto shotgun - Added "server" tab to team select menu, lists players on each team - Added "weapon light", casts onto walls around player - Added round count and map name to scorebored Changed: - Scaled up FMS556 pickups to match other rifles - Increased visibility of blood hits - Removed broken 1st person spectating - Allowed sniper zoom movement while walking/crouched - Round and Map time now visible when dead - Arctic Eagle now has 5 magazines instead of 3 - Breaking glass effect looks _really_ nice now - Taclight light radius increased - Made 3rd person spectating a bit less frustrating - Increased gravity effect and throwing distance on grenades - Scoreboard accuracy and damage score statistics now only totalled at end of round - Brand new 3rd person muzzle flashes, much better performance - UXP45 now carries 6 magazines - Changed the order in which certain sounds are played, improved spatialization - Made weapons more reactive to dynamic lighting - Reduced size of thrown pistols - Doubled sound volume of footsteps - Increased momentum applied to grenades when stabbed with bayonet - Increased crouch movement speed slightly - Changed red dragon ammo name to "12 GA" instead of "12 GGE" - RG gametype removed, all maps switched to MIS - Increased sound radius/volume on grenade bounces - Updated shootable grenade code, cleaner, faster, better - New grenade explosion effects - Slightly reduced base player speed - Increased opacity of hitzone damage circles on HUD - Disabled switchteam/changeteam console commands for now - Adjusted prices on some weapons - Readjusted damage on all weapons for armor system Fixed: - Fixed players wouldnt spawn but only spectate - Fixed footsteps heard during preround - Hopefully fixed UT2k3 player mesh bugs - DE Laser pickup is now correct mesh - FMS556 bayonet pickup is now correct mesh - Fixed "crushed" and "Drowned" kill messages - Fixed players being able to spectate previous team when teamchanging - Fixed buyzones not working after a while - Added missing bind for secondary grenade selection - Breaking glass not showing online - Fixed weapon throws not registering in buymenu (unlimited cash) - Hopefully fixed weapons not firing bug - Fixed accessed none in EscapeVolumes - Fixed hack panel icon stuck at 100%, now counts time correctly - Fixed hack panel movement lockups - Fixed grenade name not showing when switching between two of the same type - Fixed spectating HUD not displaying when first joining game - Hopefully fixed objectives being disabled after a while - Fixed cancelling server connect booting you back to UT2003 server browser - Fixed buymenu not accessible after first joining game or changing teams - Hopefully Fixed players not having correct model/skin when changing teams - Fixed strange bug where ammo didn't decrease when firing - Fixed weapons disappearing occasionally when bought/picked up - Fixed red dragon shotgun reload from allowing players to fire - Fixed objectives not making announcement when completed - Fixed LAW objective map placement, can now be used in maps - Fixed problem with spectating last player flashing to player's own cam - Hopefully fixed timed triggers not broadcasting messages online - Arctic Eagle laser and scope weapon names fixed - MP9 Hollow points now correct 3rd person mesh - Fixed a misnamed variable in chainable objectives causing teams to fail - FKE103 and AR7090 now have correct meshes when thrown and in buymenu - Fixed 3rd person playernames not visible when laser/scope is active - Dead players' teamsay/say message was still visible in live players' consoles, fixed - Strange giant laser "dot" fixed - Fixed UMP silenced muzzle smoke - Fixed no-throw bug on rolled nades - Fixed "see-through" 3rd person Article Eagle - Fixed bug that sometimes caused weapons to not switch after buying (no gun bug) - Fixed problem with bumped doors in blizzard not working - Fixed random team select menu crash on map join - Fixed grenade kills not registering after death - Fixed CT42 bug causing misfires - Fixed grenades disappearing into ground - Fixed "free grenade" when primed - Hopefully fixed "skipping" 3rd person weapon sounds - Fixed FMS556, RC790, STF-U30 pickups disappearing into ground - Fixed floating Arctic Eagle pickups - Fixed shooting teammates adding headshots in scoreboard/roundstats - May have fixed taclight replication, still not sure if it's a UT2003 thing or not - Fixed certain medals being impossible to get - Fixed STF-U going through viewport when bringing down scope - People who just joined the game being included in roundstats - Fixed TacLight clipping when too close to wall ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :: Frag.Ops v1.1 Alpha [10/31/03] :: Fixed - Lots of minor fixes - Couple sound effects - Animation tweaks - Carpet surface spawned incorrect hit effect, fixed Changed - Upped prices on all guns - Reduced range on cheaper weapons - Changed DSR1 name to STF-U30 - New STF skin Added - Arctic Eagle pistol w/ attachments - Breaking glass - Couple weapon pickups were missing :: Frag.Ops v1.0 Alpha [10/31/03] :: Well, i guess i'm out of time. It's 4:20pm on friday and if i dont upload this thing now, we're going to miss the contest deadline. I want to say more here, and even do more to the game but needless to say, no time for that. Well, here goes. Hope the world likes this first alpha. ------ KNOWN ISSUES! -- Taclight and Laser may possibly not replicate on the server. -- BulletHole projectors occasionally darken/discolor terrain (ut2k3 bug) -- Taclight isn't as bright on terrain (ut2k3 bug) -- 3rd person animations are all screwed up. Dammit. ------ online: http://www.frag-ops.com contact: squirrel@fragwhored.com :: Team Leader memnon@fragwhored.com :: Public Relations contributors: Code *SquirrelZero 3D Models *FakeID, G0st, Zinh 3D Animations/Sound *Zephyr 2D Skins/Textures *HedHunta, Sever, Lumpy_Milk, DeadGuy Maps *nessy, Ben, KilEmDed, Ektophase, Tank-Bird , Vee, PureHybrid PC Testing *Hardcor3, NathanYuy, $uperman, Yodaman, poiz, HighPriest Mac Testing *Santaduck Public Relations/Recruiting *Rygarr, Memnon Bouncer (Team donkey) *Chris -- the team members would like to say a few words: [16:58:51] (@SquirrelZero) I'd like like to extend special thanks to the following: My parents, stephen and heidi farber, Severence, the awesome guys at epic and DE, jack oneill of atlantis, and the entire majestic 12 team aside from Nuker. [16:58:51] (@Memnon[dnd]) I hope the people will support us in the future to build a very good community! [16:58:35] (@[AMF]Ben) Thanks to caffeine [16:58:26] (@poiz) special thanks to me [16:58:36] (@purehybrid) Special thanks to all our fans for the encouragement they've given us! and an Official shout out to the Australian FragOps community... www.AusFO.com [16:59:51] (@Zephyr) Special Thanks to ITT for not giving me the eduacation i paid for and the anger and motivation to succeed. And also thanks to my drug dealer, my pipe, my zig zags and bic.... I love u guys! [16:59:29] (@[FO]Zinh) Special thanks to everyone on the team for making me work my ass off [16:58:50] (@[FO]DRT-Kilemded|work) thanks for letting me be part of the team... and thank u fans for the following ------ We all hope you enjoy our little mod. Shouts to Clan LV, XGMR, DNA, and CB4... yall better keep 'on keepin it real with us. See the rest of you very soon with a patch and lots more goodies. -Team Frag.Ops
  10. Frag-Ops v1.2

    Yes, it's on the Frag.Ops front page.
  11. Frag-Ops Tournament

    I set my Gamma up to 1.5. Just right, yet not too overly bright.
  12. Frag Ops buddy list

  13. Networking

    I still have my D-Link and I love it! If you shop the right places, you can get a DI-614+ for about $30 after rebates.
  14. Networking

    Definitely a 10/100 switch. It will handle the traffic better without all of the collisions normally associated with a hub.
  15. What kind of card do you have???

    Abit GF4 Ti4200 128MB DDR 8X AGP. It ROCKS!