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  1. Slowing ending up with more space

    Damn, that's alot of storage. I only have mwasly 2TB's. On my main rig. Maybe another 3TB overall.
  2. COD Concept

    Really? You still have the car? Why? PS: Those were rhetorical questions. PSS: Man that's a horrible picture? Why the crap did I save that?
  3. COD Concept

    Remember this bad boy? I'm sure you do!
  4. COD Concept

    LOL, on my hdd. You gave it to me back in the old SysCool days I think.
  5. COD Concept

    Remember this?
  6. COD Concept

    I kinda liked the one in post #64. It reminded me of our beginings with the old COD blue.
  7. Come out come out...

    I'm busy with work and the stock market. I'm now an Assistant manager at Ace Hardware. Promoted after only 3 months there! $14k per year raise but a few more hours a week.
  8. kds cd orginizer

  9. Its a happy Day and a happier New year for me

    WOW, I didn't even know YOU were prego! LOL Congrats man!
  10. I find the wierdes stuff on the net

  11. Hitachi 7K1000

    Too many pages to navigate. I'd say 4-5 would be better.
  12. rca mp3

    Your current computer is adequate for XP, you could just upgrade your OS. I would suggest adding at least another 512 Mb of memory though.
  13. Happy B-Day Bruceleeon

    Happy belated Birthday.