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  1. I find the wierdes stuff on the net

    Not being sexist or anything but that is (the D-word) good for a girl
  2. Have any of you guys shopped at ZipZoomFly?

    I would be suprised if you saved 50 bucks total over what the same system would have cost at newegg. I personally don't even look elsewhere because I know I get a good deal at newegg and I know they have great customer service and handle returns and RMA's very well. I just wish they would get the business 2 business thing going again so I could get free shipping and even better discounts again!
  3. My new TV

    Finally it is here!!! I refinianced my house recently and had a little extra cash so I went shopping. I wanted something big and after alot of research I bought a Samsung 61a750 61" 3rd generation led DLP. I gotta say the picture is truely amazing once you tweak the settings. I was worried in the bright store showroom when compairing it side by side with a nice bright LCD but once I got it in the house and set it up the picture is unbelievable. I wanted a fance surround sound system to go with it but after the cost of the tv and the stand i was limited so i went with a 400 dollar home theater in a box (Sony) and it is more than I will ever need and sounds great to boot even at max volume.
  4. Looking for some input

    I can record hd content to the ps3?
  5. Looking for some input

    I finally upgraded to hd and got rid of my old 32" crt television. I have a Home theater that I bought with my new tv so I am really just looking to build a dvr with a blue ray player in it. I would love any input or suggestions on what i might want or need. I can't wait to see blue ray on my new 61"!!
  6. It is new system build time... again

    I just built a system almost identical to that for a customer and I must admit it was a screamer.
  7. I took the plunge

    Iam too poor to buy one atm. I hope to have one someday but I think I will get the wii first. More family fun
  8. The worst game ever

    I sure miss smokin you guys on the race track! I did beat you once Bruceleeon lol.
  9. COD Folding@Home

    my folding is gonna slow for a bit. I decided to take it off work pc's. Never know someone might not like the idea if they found out.
  10. Merry CHristmas Everyone!

    Yeah I am late too, but I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas!!
  11. I wrote a calculator

    I am eating beans at work as we speak lol.
  12. I wrote a calculator

    grats on your calculator, I can't believe it worked hehe
  13. rca mp3

    try this, these drivers are almost always safe but make sure to scan it before you run the exe. you just need to signup for a free account to be able to download it. Driver
  14. Call of Duty 4

    I plan on getting CoD4 by Christmas!