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  1. The lab is almost done!

  2. The lab is almost done!

  3. Greetings From The Rim

    Well for the few that know me I am back... For those how don't know me well you will get to know me. Well back to the lab.
  4. needa case now

    yes ll are the best but im with bruce the older ones look better

    inverted broomhandel
  6. Pump Went Down

    Crazy Pc Rocks
  7. What do you guys do here at COD Web & Forum

    if you are going to have dreams go for the realy good ones!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Welcome, Yair!

    Greeting's and welcome to C.O.D.
  9. Double Trouble

    i would like to see the mod
  10. Microsoft's Controversial New EULA Terms

    dah common sense anyone
  11. What do you guys do here at COD Web & Forum

    we are a masterpiece in progress
  12. Microshaft.. in it again

    im going back to suse linux
  13. Microshaft.. in it again

    winblows needs federal regulation the fat system thats like revlon saying they are taking claral to court because the used the comb first
  14. Mapping in UnrealEd 3.0 made easy

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this looks like fun new project to add to the list hehehehehe
  15. Pump Went Down

    2002 my sun dumped a glass of apple juice into my open box while i went to the bathroom...joey been there done that i so feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel for you