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  1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    I had told myself I wasn't going to get this game, but the guys I played COD4 with ended up giving in so I did as well. It's essentially what 3-4 patches should have done to COD4, but they make more money this way. No dedicated servers which kinda sucks, but it's not as terrible as you might think. In my case the guys I've been playing with are all on the west coast, so one of their puters is constantly the server. Considering I can smell the atlantic from where I live, my pings suck when I'm grouped up with them. I wouldn't recommend buying this ($60 for a console game they took some time to code into a PC game, for a (the D-word) series that STARTED ON PC!?!), unless you continued to LOVE COD4. HOWEVER, if you have bought this game, and or Team Fortress 2 (excellent game), hit me up on steam: badmrfrosty00044 Frosty
  2. Manage Audio

    Sup fellas, First off, the new comp is still rockin, thanks for all the help Big Balls. Every now and then I find myself wanting to tweak game/vent/music volume so I can hear more or less of one. In order to get a good mix, I have to find the volume control for that program, tweak it, then go back to what I'm doing. I'm looking for a program that would have a volume control for each program I have creating sound, all in one window. So if i wanted to turn the volume for an FPS game down, Vent down, and music from IMEEM up, I could just switch to one screen and change the volume for all 3 with one stone. This possible through software? THANKS Bad Mr Frosty
  3. Call of Duty 4

    It's awesome. You can customize your weapons setup in so many ways. The maps and different games (deathmatch, FFA, plant a bomb, defend/destory, etc) are really fun and well thought out. Fairly fast paced. I'm impressed with how far this FPS has taken a few things.
  4. Frosty Needs Help

    First, let me say that the windows repair fixed things. Second, an answer to the above post: Norton // Steam I think are the only things that I've added that would run in the background. I never tried turning off Norton, but I've had Norton on previous computers and never had to manually disable before a defrag. I could use the computer for several hours (running BF1942, Hitman, Orange Box, browsing the net, MemTest) and she never missed a beat. I never thought to look at the time that I left it, and then look at the time at which it locked up. I'd guestimate anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Finally, After the repair, I had a little trouble getting IE and windows update to cooperate and download SP 2. But I finally did, and I was able to sit with the computer for 20minutes on the screen saver and no freezy. I also went through a defrag without a hitch. Yay! Thanks again for all input and advice. Who else is getting COD 4 on Tuesday?
  5. Orange Box

    Something like "Duel Duel" or "Duel 2" I'm pretty sure "Duel" was in the name.....maybe 1v1Duel *EDIT* It's Duel_Duel2
  6. Frosty Needs Help

    Well safe mode seemed to fix the freezing while on the screen saver, but it didn't fix the system defrag. UVA had mentioned doing the repair of windows, but i've never done that before and the sound of that never seemed as if it would actually fix anything. It sounds as if the freezing might be a software thing, and that I can try this diskeeper instead of the windows defragger. Would the repairing windows be a good idea? Would I lose programs that I've got installed? I found the diskeeper site, is there a free download? THANKS
  7. Frosty Needs Help

    Yeah....The game was pretty fun until those last few minutes. Silly special teams
  8. Frosty Needs Help

    I was talking with UVA last night, and he mentioned trying to defrag in safe mode, and just seeing if it freezes up while in safe mode. I had been using the windows defrag. I'm heading back to VT for the BC game tonight =) I'll post back on Sunday night and yet yall know how Safe Mode worked out for me. (Leaving the Pinball game running didn't help at all.)
  9. Frosty Needs Help

    XP and all the latest updates from Microsoft Update Norton Antivirus Quite a few games =) Office I ran MemTest with all 2 gigs in overnight, and nothing popped up. System did not lock up while running MemTest. System still locks up while on screen saver and while idling without screensaver. System still locks up while 3% into Defrag. I started up the pinball game that comes with windows and left the system running that during lunch, so we'll see if it's locked up when i get back home.
  10. Frosty Needs Help

    Link to RAM speeds: http://www.filebox.vt.edu/users/jestephe/RAM.JPG I downloaded this program to get that info. http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php I need to send off the mail in rebate by Thursday.... Thanks for the help.. In the summary for NewEgg it says it should be at 800Mhz?!? I'm guessing 400Mhz is wrong? Or is it 400Mhzx2 == 800Mhz?
  11. Frosty Needs Help

    Link to RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16820145034 Link to CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16819115003 Link to MOBO: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813130081 So I ran MemTest on each stick of RAM, and nothing popped up. So I put em both back in and nothing popped up either. I'm gonna let it run overnight and see if it picks up anything again... When I had single sticks in, I tested the defrag and it still locks up... I'd imagine another reformat might fix the problem, but I really don't feel like it. And it appears that so long as MemTest is running, my PC won't lock up idleing, so I'm prolly just gonna start up MemTest whenever I leave it idle : /
  12. Frosty Needs Help

    Well, since the blue screen and the freezing upon being idle seems to each point towards bad RAM, I ran Memtest. Link: http://hcidesign.com/memtest/ I got an error via MemTest "copying between ## and ##" did not result in an accurate copy. I'm going to remove a stick and run MemTest again, and repeat until I find the bad stick. And then maybe move that stick around and see what happens. Any thoughts?
  13. Frosty Needs Help

    More problems..... 1) System freezes if it sits idle for too long. I come back and the screensaver is frozen up, gotta press restart. I turned off screen saver and when I come back the desktop is frozen up. 2) I can't defrag. It gets to like 3% and locks up the same as when it sits idle. The system freezing up after idle has always happened, I just figured it was always linked to the blue screen problems. And on the note of blue screens, it happened again.... I put the sound card in a few days ago, since it ran a week or so without any blue screens. Only one so far.... Any ideas on it locking up while it sits idle. It acts fine so long as I'm using it...
  14. Quitting WoW

    It's taken too long, but I'm finally done with that thing. Got rid of the subscription today. So if anyone is interested about.....umm.....well....PM me.
  15. Orange Box

    I have no idea what catwalk you're talking about.