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  1. Windows 7

    does people still use 7?
  2. linux for dummies

    Wow thanks for the links!
  3. Best CS:GO Mouse of 2016?

    Is FinalMouse Pro 2016 really the best mouse you can get for FPS? And why the hell is the Logitech G502 #10 on this list, I'm Suprised. See all the mice on the list: http://mousearea.com/best-csgo-gaming-mouse-2016/ What do you guys think?
  4. Do you recommend this laptop?

    Hey guys, I have been looking for a new gaming laptop and I have found this Eluktronics 15.6-inch gaming laptop. I would like to ask one of you guys also have this gaming laptop. And would you recommend it? Cheers, Matt