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  1. Best Mainboard for HTPC & Prescott core

    I didn't see the review. I've been away for a while and I usually come right to the forums. I just saw the write-up on the home page and will go read it. LOL - Yeah, I should get him to buy a few for us and maybe a Zalman Reservator for my fanless cooling solution. Some people shouldn't be allowed to take the covers off their computers.
  2. Best Mainboard for HTPC & Prescott core

    My cousin spent $180.00 on the processor only to find out his MOBO didn't support it. He thought just because it was 478 pin, he could just drop it in and go. His bad, my good. I'm looking at a single or 'maybe' 2 WD Caviar 16SE 250GB SATA drives. 2nd drive could end up being an external or swappable drive. 1GB of DDR RAM, ATI Radeon X800T (Maybe) NEC/Lite-ON DVD+/-R recorder 400-500W power supply Wireles LAN - For music server That is about all the thought I've put into it so far.
  3. I fell into a deal with a Socket 478 P4 3.0E GHZ HT(Prescott) processor ($100 new w/fan) and I've been thinking about turning it into a HTPC. I've read somewhere XP Media Center Edition or the processor works better with a North/South bridge that is Intel vs Via/SIS. So far I like the AOPEN i865Gm-I($90) because it is a Mini-ATX design. I really don't care for onboard everything. With the limitations of MCE, I'd rather install everything seperately. On the lower end, I've been looking at the MSI PM8M-V($45) The case I'd like to put the works in, is a nMedia HTPC 200 BA ($124 newegg) Anywho... What MOBo can I get the best bang for the buck considering it is going into my livingroom. It is also going to sport a wireless mouse and keyboard and home network as well as MCE IR remote until I can teach my iPAQ the commands. I'd also like a (DVI-D) HDTV tuner card out for my 57" Hitachi and 5.1, 6.1-or 7.1 optical sound to feed my HK AVR-700. Any suggies are always appreciated.... Mark
  4. August 3, 2005. Microsoft rolled out another security update called 'Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool (KB892130)' This (security fix) also installs an Active-X control 'MUWebControl Class' that collects various ID and BIOS information from your computer and determines whether you have a legitimate copy of Windows. This applies to all computers running Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP. For more information you can go to the Microsoft support website. Read More
  5. 98 Reboots on webpage load

    Belarc advisor is kewl. Thanks for the 411.
  6. I've been looking at Win XP Media Center Edition for a whole house solution to movies, music, and more... Any discussion?
  7. If the MOBO supports Booting from USB, is it possible to create a bootable installation image on a USB thumb drive? Just wondering...
  8. 98 Reboots on webpage load

    I went with 98SE. I have several that people have given me with their old computers. I only have 1 SE disk, but I go in and read the registry to get the ID Key from the old computer. Since they no longer use the computer, I re-use them where i need them, but never more than one just in case anything is ever enforced with the EULA. (doubtful) Thanks!
  9. This is different. Bought a p2 333Mhz w/96M RAM, 3 GB HD, monitor, printer, scanner, zip drive for $25.00 Fist thing I ran AVG and found 9 viruses on it. Cleaned them up. Kept running into Cannot find 'pythonizer.exe' on bootup. REmoved every pyth* from registry.start.msconfig. Reinstalled 98 from Options CABS. Now you can open IE to a blank screen. Click on any favorite or type in an address. It will load 99% of the page, then mysteriously reboot. I'm not going to fool with it. It will get FDISK'ed tomorrow. If I can't find my 98 1ED, I'll bump it up to an old ME that I'm not using any more and re-sell it. Just thought I'd share...
  10. IBM withdraws OS/2 Support!!!

    Hmm... Searchlight, WWIV, Renegade, Tri-BBS, Wildcat.... Ummm there are tons more, but those are the ones that I've tried or familiar with... All gone the way of the dodo bird and DOS... and now oS/2... too
  11. Redneck Wireless Antenna Booster

    Since it went from ZDTV to Tech-TV to G4-TechTV it slowly went down the tubes. Now that it is G4-Video Game Tv, I have it locked out of my channel list. Leo is alive and well doing Canadian TechTV. Check out www.leoville.com I've got a pic here somewhere with leo & patrick. Its been years though, so I wouldn't even know where to look. Even have a ZDTV bumper sticker that they gave away at one of their road appearances. *SIGH* THose were the days... But back to topic... They showed a mod with big coffee cans and some coax cable that they were able to get 2 nodes to talk to each other at roughly 2 miles... If you concentrate the signal in one direction, I don't see why you couldn't go several blocks as long as both were properly aligned. That is the BASICS of satellite TV, so why wouldn't it apply to home networking?
  12. Redneck Wireless Antenna Booster

    Bump - Pic added
  13. IBM withdraws OS/2 Support!!!

    I've got version 1.0. Looks like it will make its way to the burn pile when I do some more house cleaning.... Oh well... I've decided to heave out a lot of stuff I haven't used in 5+ years. Sadly, no one around here knows about OS/2, TRI-BBS, D'Bridge Front End, Barren Realms Elite, Night-Owl CD's etc..etc.. All my BBS stuff... hundreds of dollars.. up in smoke.. *sigh*
  14. Announced July 12, 2005. IBM is withdrawing support of their OS/2 operating system OS/2 Warp & OS/2 Warp Server for e-business. Effective December 31, 2006, IBM will withdraw standard support for the following products licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement. Fee-based service offerings will continue to be available. These offerings will provide support beyond December 31, 2006, via a services contract. For information about the extended support offering, contact your IBM representative. Read More Here:
  15. OK, you aren't going to believe this one. I relocated my wireless router and was getting poor signal through 3 sheetrock and 1 brick wall to my belkin USB wireless lan. I remember seeing on TechTV (when it used to be a real computer guru's channel) about using common household items to boost the reception. Well I did it in about 2 minutes taking a 55% signal to 81% with a small *plastic* coffee container and a 6" square of tin-foil. I wrapped the tin-foil half way around the plastic can with some folded over the top. I snapped the plastic lid on it. I took a sharp knife and cut a litte 1/4" x 1-1/2" rectangle out of the top so that the wireless lan would fit snug. I did a little twisting of the entire can and got onto the mid 70's just by pointing it in the general direction of the router. A little more twisting of the lid changed the antenna orientation enough to get me to 81%. Sweet! I will have to post a picture. It is quick and dirty, but it worked. Might be just the ticket for a temporary fix.