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  1. Best old school game!

    Is it appropriate to say Tac Ops yet?
  2. Highest clocks on 9800np/9800Pro

    Well hell, now im curious.. Junior how you running yours?
  3. AOL - First Glimpse at Hypocrisy

    Thats classic, good call B
  4. Big fun

    eww that sounds fun! wish we could have a white christmas
  5. Samsung stated that it will have 512Mb GDDR3 SDRAM chips for production early next year. The new memory operates on 1.8V, a .7V decrease from the GDDR2 specifications, and provides for higher clock speeds and an aggregate bandwidth of 6.4GBps. The best video cards from ATI and Nvidia currently have 256MB of GDDR3 memory. With ever increasing texture sizes, antialiasing settings and overall graphical complexity, it seems fairly certain that next generation video cards will be released with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. Perhaps now we can experience Doom 3 on Ultra mode with nary a hiccup? Read More what do you all think about this?
  6. headphones

    Well lets use this oppertunity to make fun of him. OMG Junior is such... a dork....
  7. dangerden 6800 block

    The spin stops here. Bruce is looking out for you.
  8. Most online

    how does that happen?
  9. 5900U OC

    i messed around with mine for a while just to test some benchmarks. i dont have it overclocked anymore though.
  10. Newbie WC

    Im not the one with all the answers, but what set-up are you running? SOmeone would need more info to what kinda specs, heat, and maybe temp reading for the best answer.
  11. Happy Birthday

    happy bday suckha
  12. 11,000

    doh I missed it!
  13. NVIDIA, Sony and PlayStation 3

    NVIDIA announced that it has been working with Sony on the GPU for Sony's forthcoming computer entertainment system. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that they're talking about PlayStation 3 here. Note that the PlayStation 3 name isn't actually official yet, though we'll continue to use it as it's basically guaranteed that's what Sony will call its PlayStation 2 successor... Read More
  14. Tums?