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  1. State of Game: Patch 1.16....& Preview of 1.17

    1.17 looks like a small update. Is anyone in the top 3 of any of the leagues?
  2. Well I made it to #1 on the leader boards...

  3. Drunk Trebuchet Defeeat BBQ Kid against Hellboy

    no issues, I found the related forum
  4. Drunk Trebuchet Defeeat BBQ Kid against Hellboy

    @Goofy Panda Z how do we compute the power level? Can we determine the level on a replay?
  5. Drunk Trebuchet Defeeat BBQ Kid against Hellboy

    ha ha..blame the trebs..hopefully I get a chance to revenge and defeat you with Sviatoslav and Tariq.
  6. Wonder Details and Analysis (Updated 11/15)

    Nice post. Thanks for the info!
  7. New AofE Castle Siege Feature: Wonders

    exciting..when is patch 1.13 releasing?
  8. The Leftovers Map!

    do you need to be signed in to do that? I don't see a inverted teardrop.
  9. Layout diary: ages 6-8

    cant see the image.
  10. The Leftovers Map!

    how to add myself to the map?
  11. Age of Empires: Castle Siege Patch 1.12

    I like the concept of flags. only if they would allow custom flags..then we could have one for leftovers.
  12. Interesting Info Regarding "Power Levels"

    Yes please, I would like to know my power level is. Not sure why my crown count is so low. Attack me if you need it. 10k crowns..amazing job Mike. unfortunately cant replay your attack on rumorz..
  13. posion the wall looks interesting!
  14. Friendly Attacks

    lucky you Shacronire, I did not notice it and now I cannot revenge!!!
  15. Windows Tablet

    were you able to play castle siege on it without any issues?