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  1. Now that Windows Media Center is out of the picture, I wonder if anybody used Kodi with another PVR backend on Windows 10 than using the WMC Kodi PVR plugin. My other challenge is replacing my Xbox 360 working as an extender for playing live TV and Windows Media Center recordings. Once I move to Windows 10 on the Windows PC, I would need something else to access the recordings on the PC from another room as I am doing with the Xbox 360 at the moment. I have checked out NextPVR and Android TV boxes but I wonder if someone actually tried it and could compare with the Media Center more or less plus and play experience.
  2. Hi, Given that Norton Ghost seems to be discontinued, I'm looking at Acronis True Image 2014 for handling full drive image backups of my 3 PCs, which I would schedule to copy on my new QNAP TS-469L NAS box on the LAN. But i'm worried about the reviews, it looks like Acronis True Image was a good program but stability and compatibility with Windows 8.1 are outstanding issues. Any personal experiences with Acronis True Image 2014 Premium or any alternative ?
  3. Disk imaging software, Acronis True Image

    I ended up buying Macrium Reflect, works fine for creating disk images but I haven't had to use it for recovery yet so I can't judge it properly yet.
  4. Soft Sled

    I saw the article at http://computingondemand.com/xbmc-keeping-alive/ and thought to myself, this is probably the closest thing to soft sled i've seen, ever ! Thank you. I've been using Media Center, starting with WIndows XP MCE Edition up to WIndows 8 now, and the lack of file support outside of wmv and avi files was a bit hard to swallow as time moved on. That and seeing that the Media Center interface was going out the door. Nice to see something to take advantage of the services in place on Windows to provide an alternative.
  5. Use Your iPad as a Remote Control for WMC

    Thanks a lot. Maybe it's time to try these out. I have 64 bits version, and when i used codecs in XP MCE & Windows 7 Home Edition, I was losing fast forward control and could only do Skip using the remote. I hope that's not a problem with shark007's codecs. Sound like I'll need to get ready with some kind of bare metal image just in case. So here i'll go off reading about it under one of your Backup articles. Thanks...
  6. Use Your iPad as a Remote Control for WMC

    You mention you have not told the app how to see MKV. My question is, how do you play MKVs on your PC in the first place ?
  7. Driving me crazy

    Ahum, *IF* your htpc uses windows... the Windows Task Scheduler is where I would look into first.
  8. NAS, Server, or both ?

    I currently have a simple setup of 2 single NAS devices, a Buffalo Linkstation and a Buffalo Linkstation Pro. They are both full and I need to move to something bigger. I need backups. I don't really care about RAID. For me, I consider a backup having a copy of a file in 2 places. I use fbackup client on all my Windows PCs to copy the data I need onto shared folders on the NAS boxes. (1 file on PC = 1 file copy on the NAS) I'd like to use more than 1 drive. I'd also like to get the ability to store on the cloud or external device for some files like family pictures/video in case my whole house catches fire. I know I can do all this on a NAS... QNAP and Synology are on my short list. What i'm unsure about is the suitability of a NAS to install things like software development tools. Should I use another PC server for that ? Managing a server compared to NAS can be a pain. I don't want to want to keep a keyboard, mouse and display in my storage/server room for every time I need to maintain a server. This is why a NAS attracts me. I've tried using long cables for KVM before, it utterly failed... Is there a linux distribution either coming with nice NAS tools or letting me add NAS tools to ? This could be my base setup, and I could expand from that and install the extra development tools I need ?
  9. NAS, Server, or both ?

    Allright, i will leave computing to the computers and storage to the NAS. If you don't mind, was there something special that attracted you to a model from QNAP instead of Synology ? I will buy from either of these 2 good companies, I'm actually undecided. x86-based NAS seems to be the easiest way of adding new apps that aren't part of the OS already, like CrashPlan for example... thanks for the mention, i will definitely look it up. I never noticed the TS-469L, it looks pretty good. Looks like a non-LED version of the Pro. More importantly, it has an Atom processor at this price.
  10. I am trying to reproduce what seems like a bug between my HTPC and my new Yamaha RXV-1073 AV receiver. I am using Yamaha firmware v1.60 at the moment. 1- Play some music using Airplay from the iPhone (not using the Yamaha app, but directly using AirPlay) 2- Try switching inputs back to TV watching (AV1=hdmi) 3- the screen now shows my HTPC desktop, overscanned. No matter what i do with the mouse or remote, I get a sound feedback from the htpc but nothing moves. I will try to reproduce the issue in a more formal manner, but this doesn't look good. I have my HTPC's DVI output into a DVI-HDMI adapter to an HDMI input on the Yamaha, then the monitor out from the Yamaha goes to my TV's hdmi input. The HTPC's coax digital output goes to the Yamaha's coax digital input for sound.
  11. Yamaha RXV-1073 problem with HTPC

    I use a universal remote, and the Microsoft ehome IR transceiver for receiving remote codes. For the rest, the Logitech dinovo mini does the job for a casual mouse/keyboard, but I only use it for things like the desktop interface, Windows apps like Netflix, etc. Still, I am getting this problem precisely because I need to switch inputs on the receiver. Even though my universal remote will do this for me, the simple fact of switching inputs is what seems to be causing the problem...
  12. Yamaha RXV-1073 problem with HTPC

    Well i did do everything from my PC, I guess I just added this little bit to use my receiver directly and you're right, that does switch inputs ! This is a good point. If I can control the PC instead of the receiver, my problem would go away, except for the part about powering up the receiver which I guess i'd still need to control from my phone - but this would not switch the input so this could work. I don't need overscan on anything. My LCD TV is 1080 and the PC supports it. The Yamaha somehow shows an overscan picture of the desktop when the input is switched back to the PC. I checked at the Nvidia control panel, I don't see overscan settings.
  13. I am getting just OK wifi coverage and am using inSSIDer to try and figure out sources of interference for the current channel i'm using. The tool identifies some channel overlap from channel 8, so i'm looking to move to channel 10 or 11. My question is, will moving channels affect my devices like the boxee, printer or Yamaha wifi dongle ? They are setup to connect to my network name, but I wonder if these were smart enough, in general, to make the switch to the new channel.
  14. Changing wifi channels on router

    LOL that's usually my answer too. Most of my house is wired, and for the most part, these wifi links are wifi just because i haven't wired them in yet. For what it's worth, i moved the router from channel 9 to 10, rebooted it, powered down the HP wireless printer, I can still access it's web interface and I just printed on it. So it looks like this kind of move doesn't affect some devices, and probably none of them. Good to know...
  15. Hauppauge 950Q used in a case

    Hello ! Here's a little project I've wondered if anybody thought of, and never really bothered to finish up. In my case for ATSC reception when using a preamp, I found the XC5000 based cards were performing best, and that means for me the Happauge 950Q USB tuner and the Hauppauge/Pinnacle/PCTV 800i PCI tuner card. Unfortunately, the PCTV 800i card has a driver limitation of 1 card per system, I learnt this the hard way when installing 2 in my system and asking for support. So... I'd like to put 2 usb tuners inside the case. It could find something simple to hook them inside the case using the internal USB header, and hold them side by side and take just 1-slot spot... Comments welcome.
  16. Hauppauge 950Q used in a case

    I mainly hear good things about the HDHR except for sensitivity. In my area of Ottawa, Canada, we're considered fringe reception for channels coming from USA. And in general, any signal margin you have ensures you don't end up losing signal when a *snow storm* comes ... Right now I have 1x950Q outside the case right outside the case (I have the case fans blowing air on it), 1xpctv 800i, and one Hauppauge HVR-2250 dual-tuner. As long as I have the the tuner priorities set to record on the 950Q and 800i first, I mainly stay out of trouble
  17. Hi ! Here's one I never really bothered asking. I'm please with my Silverstone HTPC case, the LC17: http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=82 Shortly after I set it up, the small door hiding the external 3.5 drive slot broke. I can still close it but the hinge on one side is broken. I've always wondered why I could never quite remove the little door, it seems glued in on the one side it did not break... and truth is I did not even bothered to ask Silverstone either. I wonder if there's a kind of homemade fix for it, again not that it really affected my ability to use the case.
  18. Small form factor

    I like to check for the video card that will get me the most advanced video support at the lowest cost, and if at all possible, in a fanless version. What that means is you may only need to go just a few steps up from the cheapest card and still get top notch video acceleration support. I don't care about gaming performance on my HTPC...
  19. HTPC build

    I've tried this button to open XBMC and close WMC, it's a good idea and works well. Maybe I should install it again, i have not reinstalled XBMC since upgrading to Windows 8. WMC does not do everything, it's a bit of a shame. You can't play some new formats like mkv out of the box, so if you want to play those you have to use something else like XBMC. Does XBMC play .wtv files recorded through WMC ? Or do you play these using the ceton software ?
  20. Optical Audio

    Last I checked in Windows 8, when I couldn't get proper Dolby Digital sound from my AV receiver, I had to resetup in the Control Panel and it went fine. From what i recall (i used optical and now I use coax digital) it was the same setting, and it sounded like transparent. I don't try to let Windows figure out multi-channel audio, I instead select something that sound more like "transparent" or "passthrough" digital audio. My AV receiver is way better at doing that decoding anyways.
  21. HTPC build

    As far as software goes, I've been well served with Windows Media Center inside Windows XP, Windows 7 and now Windows 8. WMC and any other alternate software works best for live TV with ATSC tuners in my opinion because you don't have to integrate IR blasters with an external cable box.
  22. Small form factor

    Some time ago, I used an Antec Aria case as my first HTPC. I had a depth limitation where it was going to live, so this was one of the few cases that could live within the limits. With a micro ATX board, it lived a couple of years, but it was trouble maintaining it since it was tight in there. I ended up upgrading the whole thing and putting it in a Silverstone HTPC case. If you like the small form factors, it can be done. At the time, with an Athlon 3200+ and discrete graphics card, this was a decent htpc.