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  1. Contest: What Does Your Office Look Like?

    Oh man, I gotta keep checking in then. My current case can't even fit my heatsink >_<
  2. homefront

    If you wanna see random whining you should check out the bungie.net forums. Funny stuff.
  3. C.O.D. Giveaway: GlacialTech Alaska

    Yeah I'm in. Oh, and I marked like on fb. I'm not really sure how you're tracking that though since we have no names linked to our accounts.
  4. Thermaltake BigWater 735

    I feel like there's way too large of a price jump between air and liquid cooling...
  5. LOL You gotta see this!

    I feel like this thing would just hold in so much heat.
  6. Need for Speed World

    It would be worth checking out test drive unlimited two if you're interested in this style of game. There were a lot of issues in the initial release, but I'm sure they've been cleared up by now.
  7. EA Half Life 2: Episode 1

    Yeah, the half life series is easily one of the best out there. Can't wait for episode three!!